White sheet sessions are back for march

It's time for our yearly White Sheet Boudoir Sessions.  This is the perfect excuse to get yourself in for a shoot, especially if you have a wedding or anniversary coming soon.  If you've been considering a session, now is the time to do it!  We're offering our white sheet special beginning February 27th through March 13th.  These shoots are simple, timeless, and perfect for the girl who might be a little shy.  No need for fancy wardrobe or to hit they gym, we'll wrap you up in the sheets to create that perfect, "I rolled out of bed like this" look.  White sheet boudoir sessions are a mini version of  one of our regular shoots, but still include all the the glamour.... Airbrush makeup, hairstyling, lashes, a 30 minute photo shoot and one 5x7 gift print for $350.  

After your session, we view all of your photos together and you will  have the chance to purchase additional goodies if you would like.  Albums, canvas, wall art, and digital files are all available for purchase. If you book your shoot with a friend, you will each receive $25 off your session fee. We only do this once a year, so email me at info@glamourboudoir.com to reserve your shoot before this event is sold out.  

white sheet boudoir philadelphia

Shit's about to get real for a second...

This is my best friend.  Shannon has been my best friend for 12 years.  Shannon is also my partner in crime when it comes to helping women see their beauty.  Shannon swore to me for years that she was not photogenic, that she much preferred being on the other side of the camera.  She hates her legs.  She hates her nose.  She battles with the same feelings of insecurity that I myself have felt... and that every single one of you have felt at some point in your life.  Here is the difference between Shannon and every one of you that have not yet stepped in front of my camera... She felt the fear and did it anyway.  She refused to let her insecurities rule her world. She trusted me.    

This is not the first image I've taken of Shannon and God knows it won't be the last.  The day we shot these images was a shitty day... for the both of us.  We were planning for a week or so to have a "play date" and neither of us wanted to let the other down, so we showed up at the studio.  I hadn't slept, hadn't eaten,  was overwhelmed having gone off of medication I was on for years, and was a flat out, hot mess.  Shannon had an argument with her fiancé,  had been crying, had PMS (we all know how we feel when we have PMS) and felt "gross".  We almost said forget it, let's shoot another time.  But we didn't.  

She threw on some red lipstick, messed up her hair, climbed on the couch and got vulnerable.  She turned down the noise in her head and TRUSTED me.  This is what happened. MAGIC.

So here's the thing- You can continue to tell yourself that you're not pretty enough, skinny enough, sexy enough- whatever... Or you can suck it up and reach out- tell me what you're afraid of, tell me you're not photogenic and don't know how to be sexy, or better yet tell me why you want to do this even though you're scared to death.  Then trust me, MAGIC will happen.

white bodysuit

Sparkle and Shine: South Jersey Boudoir Photography

One look at this girl and you're easily blown away by her beauty.  As soon as she stepped into the studio, I knew she was going to kill it and once we started chatting, I found out what a warm and caring person she is.  Sarah booked her boudoir session as a gift to herself- which to me, is the most fun to shoot.  Afterwards, she said "Dawn & Shannon, thank you for one of greatest days I've ever had and the best gift I've given myself! You filled me with confidence and reminded me how to sparkle & shine when I forgot how to. You both are talented in so many special ways."  Thank you, Sarah for bringing your sparkle and allowing me to share your images.

Pre black friday sale

Pre Black Friday Sale & get your photos in time for the holiday!

We have a few dates left for November and we want to offer them to those of you that just realized how amazing this would be to do for a sexy holiday gift!  We're offering hairstyling, airbrush makeup complete with lashes, a 30 minute photo shoot (one outfit) PLUS 3 retouched digital files for only $350!  That's almost $125 off the regular cost.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional digital files, wall art, and albums!  

Your shoot must take place before November 30th in order to take advantage of this offer. There are limited appointments available so contact me asap to book your shoot! 

Embracing every inch

Sandi came for a session after seeing the results of one of her friend's photo shoots with us.  She thought it would be fun to surprise her husband and treat herself to some fun.  From the moment she arrived I knew we were going to have a blast.  Sandi is outgoing and super fun, but my most favorite thing about our time together was that she was never critical of herself.  As women, I think we are quicker to point out our flaws rather than to embrace every inch of our bodies.  Sandi was exactly the opposite.  She arrived with a bag of lingerie and let Shannon and I do our thing.  The finished product is stunning and I am so grateful that she allowed me to share these images.  

white sheet boudoir
white sheet boudoir
curvy boudoir