So now that you understand our "why," here is a little more about who we are... two silly, quirky chicks who are really looking forward to giving you an awesome experience!


About Us    

     When I first picked up a camera I had no idea that I would be changing the lives of the women that I photographed.  What started out as a hobby for me quickly grew into a dream.  Along the way, my best friend Shannon started living out her own dream of becoming a makeup artist... 12 years later and we're still at it.  

     Since opening my first studio in 2004,  I have photographed thousands, yes thousands, of amazing women.   Each one has their own fears, their own insecurities, and their own unique reason for choosing to do a boudoir session.  And-  I can tell you that every single one of them felt stronger, more confident, and more beautiful after their session.  This is why we do what we do.

    If you're looking for an incredible gift for your significant other, this is for you.  If you're been chasing toddlers in sweats and a ponytail for the last 3 years and just need to feel sexy for a change, this is for you.  If you're newly single or married for 25 years, if you're a size 0 or 26, if you are 21 or 61, it doesn't matter!  You can and should do this for yourself.  Every woman deserves to see themselves sexy! 

Dawn- Owner, Full Time Photographer, Retoucher, Email Returner, Album Designer, and sometimes Wonder Woman

  • I have a husband that is amazing- life gets crazy sometimes and he's along for the ride.

  • We welcomed our first little babe, a girl named Logan True, in July 2018.

  • I adore animals and have have 2 cats. One is an angel and the other is a devil. ( I love them equally, I swear)

  • I live in Lululemon, Anthropologie, and JCrew.

  • I hate the cold weather.

  • I am completely addicted to hot yoga & CrossFit and recently completed my CF Level 1 trainer course.

  • I drink Starbucks coffee constantly, strong and black.

  • My favorite color is probably pink, but all my clothes are black, white, or gray.

  • I studied Fashion Design at Drexel and went to Cosmetology school before I became a completely self taught photographer.

  • When I'm not in the studio, I live for flip flops, and messy buns. (Okay, sometimes in the studio, too)

  • I am a firm believer in The Secret.

  • I am so grateful for the life that I have, its definitely better than anything I could have imagined.

Shannon- Makeup Artist & Stylist   

  • I LOVE to apply makeup to other people, from the smallest enhancement to full blown makeup, but on myself, poor Dawn has to twist my arm to get me to wear mascara!

  • Anyone that knows me knows how MUCH I love shoes, especially heels, the higher the better. BUT I can NOT wear heels while doing makeup!

  • I’m a complete and utter chocoholic!!! The darker the better, and if caramel accompanies it, I’m in heaven!!!!

  • I’m a total sucker for animals, especially my fur kids, Romeo and Juliet.

  • I love to bake, although it’s looking like gluten free is the way to go for the “Glamour Bitches” these days!

  • I feel so proud and priviledged that I was blessed with my makeup skills. I plan on sharing as much of this talent as I can, to help women realize that we each have a glamorous side and are all beautiful!