More Shots in the New Studio

Last week we had a much needed "girly" day at the studio.  Bags and bags of wardrobe items, two of my favorite girls, and some good conversation on a cloudy and kinda rainy day are always perfect for clearing my head.  I asked Shannon and Susan to model for me so that I could try out some new ideas here at the studio.  Needless to say, we rocked it out.  Susan is an amazing model and always allows me the space to fulfill my creative vision.  Plus, she's not shy ;)  And as you can see, you can be nearly naked in a photo and still keep it demure and classy, which is how I like it!

I was absolutely in love with the light in these shots.  Natural light is always soft and beautiful, combined with a simple white sheet are ingredients for a timeless image.

$5 H&M tee shirt, cute panties... doesn't take much to be sexy!

Shooting Outdoors: New Jersey Glamour Photographer

Now that the weather is finally nice... I can't believe it hit 80 this week, it's time for shooting outdoors! I love shooting with natural light with all the bright colors of spring. When you book a shoot with us, you can opt to do a look outside (weather permitting of course). There are a few places nearby that are perfect for soft, pretty images. I love Ashley's Guess? girl inspired look and was so excited when she pulled out the bouquet of flowers to go with it. We shot this in front of a dilapidated building on the side of the road. Shannon's look was something we dreamed up and planned for almost a year before we actually got around to shooting it. This looks was shot at the back end of a parking lot! Both shoots were definitely a lot of fun, and even though I loved shooting with Shanna in the snow (see this post), I like spring and summer shooting MUCH better.  






DSC_3438web 20110426-083811

Inspiration: South Jersey Boudoir Photography

Wow, I just came across these gorgeous images from Vouge Italia: Beauty on another blog.  I was so excited to see some behind the scenes video along with the final print images.   The room is kind of cluttered and the decorating is a little tacky, the lighting is super simple, but the shots are stunning!!!  This really proves that you don't need a lot of fancy equipment, studios, or assistants to create amazing images.  If you are a good photographer, you make it work... beautifully.  Take a look at some of these images and then watch the video below.   Start thinking of some ideas for your next Glamour Bitch Photo shoot! CM-Capture-5 CM-Capture-3



Inspiration: Amanda Seyfried

These gorgeous images of Amanda Seyfried are featured in this month's Esquire magazine.  I love how innocent but sexy she looks in these shots, plus her outfit is awesome.  If you want some high rise panties for your own shoot, check out twinsyndrome on Etsy!  She makes some incredibly comfortable high waist panties that would be perfect for this look.  When you're ready to book your own shoot, you can email me at