Photo shoot with Kristen

I always keep my eye out for fun new things to add to our prop closet and this summer was no exception. Through a series of little excursions, I scored this pink vintage sofa and also came up with this gorgeous lace mask from Etsy. Though I am sure you have probably seen a few shots with our new vintage sofa, I wanted to share a few more from a series of shots I did with Kristen, our super awesome GB assistant. I often like to "test out" new backgrounds and sets before offering them to our clients so that there's no guessing the day of our shoot. Since both Kristen and Shannon are constantly here, it's pretty easy to convince them to model for me.I really love the contrast with the sexiness of the black lingerie and the softness of the pink in the couch. Plus, any time I can shoot with natural light, it's a major bonus. Oh and the outfit, under $20 at H&M, but it's also here at the studio.

Also having a little obsession with body suits lately, too. They definitely flatter every figure and a perfect to conceal the areas we need to keep under cover as well. Both Victoria's Secret and Frederick's have great options. I think this little number though, came from Joyce Leslie and was under $20.

A Few Fabulous Ladies

We have been so flippin' busy here at the studio the past two months, that I am way behind on posting photos from all of the ladies that signed releases for us. So to keep you all occupied until I am finished with the new site, here are two images from two awesome clients I had this week!  Both of these ladies were ridiculously fun to work with and we are so glad they allowed me to blog their images. blog


Waking up in Vegas: Inspiration

So these images may have been deemed "inappropriate" for the Miss USA pageant, but I think they are an excellent inspiration for your boudoir shoot with us. There is nothing sexier than your man's white shirt paired with your black lingerie! Tousled hair and smokey eyes complete the look.  I can't wait to recreate some of these images.   So simple and so pretty.Miss_Usa_Blog